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Super Barry

Stand-up comic Todd Barry reveals more dry wit in new Comedy Central album and special


By Michael Shashoua / Jester Editor-In-Chief


After four years, Todd Barry has seen fit to bring forth another special, “Super Crazy,” which just aired on Comedy Central and was just released July 24 on CD, MP3 and DVD. Barry is known for his dry delivery, taking the standard stand-up comedy constructions and premises, and being economical with his words, delivering surreal punchlines that take his bits in unexpected directions. “Super Crazy” embodies this through and through.


Since Barry’s demeanor is always low-key to a fault, the special (in audio form) does grow on you, and his craft is not necessarily apparent on the first listen. He heightens every bit and every piece – for example, mocking the “talk to your doctor” refrain in prescription drug ads, something many stand-ups do, Barry imagines telling the doctor he wants 1,000 viagra pills for the weekend. “And remember how I bragged about my sexual prowess? Having a little trouble with that.” Then Barry plays the part of the doctor, who of course remembers this because it was so creepy.


In another piece, Barry confesses he’s a germophobe, but not exactly a rational one. He tells us he can obsess over washing his hands every time he touches his belt buckle, but when it comes to mopping his kitchen floor, he hasn’t done that in the 10 years he’s had his apartment.


The low-key attitude Barry exhibits includes a bit of self-deprecation here and there, beyond just that. “I can never go to Thailand,” he says. “I like Thai food, … but an over-40 single man traveling alone to Thailand … well, you get the picture.”


Once again, as on “From Heaven” (see review, 2/27/08), Barry has crafted a set that might seem to contain light material on very small topics, but grows on you with repeated listens.














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