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Hail to the Ace


Podcaster extraordinaire Adam Carolla scores with rants distilled into book form in “President Me”


By Michael Shashoua / Jester editor-in-chief


For his third book, Adam Carolla has distilled many of the rants and grievances aired in his popular podcast, putting them in the apt conceit of a political platform for the country.


President Me: The America That's in My Head,” to be published May 13, finds Carolla getting his voice on the page clearly and successfully. The laughs happen equally to how they would if you listened to his show.


Loosely organized into what Carolla would do with each federal government department, “President Me” also contains a couple showstoppers in the form of speeches he would deliver to the UN and for a State of the Union, punctuated with offended parties walking out. It would be funny if these occurred in real life, or at least as a scene in a movie.


Carolla’s favorite targets in this book are anything having to do with how soft America has become, with participation trophies for kids, ambulance chasing lawyers and especially their clients, and hypersensitivity about bullying.


Beyond these, Carolla’s second favorite targets are any kind of stupidity in public life – ranging from overly cutesy hotel do-not-disturb door hangers to things with greater impact – like L.A. highway signs that don’t warn of detours until one is past the point where they could have exited to avoid a traffic back-up.


As you read “President Me,” you’ll experience a biting glee in how Carolla takes all of these things apart. Carolla makes you laugh while making a lot of sense – more than some may give him credit for. Although I’m not irate enough about pepper jack cheese to call it an “abomination,” as Carolla does, he’s got my vote.


Adam Carolla will record a podcast live at Caroline's on May 13.















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