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Chelsea's Latest

E! personality and hot comedian Chelsea Handler punches up great stories for third book

Chelsea Handler with sidekick Chuy.

Chelsea Handler’s third book, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang,” published earlier this month, proves to be a lot more kinetic in its comedy and in its stories than her previous one. In fact, this collection of short funny incidents from the stand up comedian and E! late night show host, recalls the laugh-out-loud quality of her first book, “My Horizontal Life.”

Handler recaptures that energy by going to the same well – mercilessly ripping on her siblings and father – but not without good reason. One of the more hilarious chapters of “Bang Bang” is her recounting of complaints made by summer renters of her dad’s summer house in Martha’s Vineyard, and how embarrassing this situation was for her.

As a matter of course, Handler keeps an interesting cast of characters around her now, who have grown in number since her first book, namely her sidekick Chuy who appears on her show (but isn’t mentioned as much in this book), and her driver, Sylvan, a large African-American man who is the centerpiece of another very funny chapter in this book.

Handler revels in the elaborate lie or prank, played on her unwitting boyfriend, or members of her staff, or anyone she deems dim and susceptible. These provide more high points in “Bang Bang.” Some of the whoppers include offering gynecological exams on the set for anyone who believed that would really be done; claiming that hero pilot Chester “Sully” Sullenberger also flew charter jets for celebrities, including herself (as well as Beyonce and Paul McCartney); and that she was developing a movie about civilian astronaut Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger disaster, but somehow it would be a comedy.

The mix of personal stories, tales of her family and extended show business family, and random pop culture observations that comprise “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” make for a breezy read, and one that will have you laughing out loud, which as I’ve probably said before is the true test of a good comedy book.




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