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Face Value

Four alternative comedians make comedy out of otherwise mundane moments on the road.

It wouldn’t have seemed possible before, but the four comedians featured in Comedy Central’s behind-the-scenes reality show, “Comedians of Comedy,” manage to make backstage, behind-the-scenes and on-the-road footage interesting, even as its subjects fret that this type of material will be boring.

The show captures the surreal humor of the much under-appreciated Zach Galifianakis which seems to be on display almost all the time judging by the show, as he speaks from bed, laughing about strange jokes with a strange old man, perhaps a chauffer, and hangs out with the other comedians in a Cracker Barrel.

Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn have the closest bond of any of the four, sitting together comparing comic book purchases for hours on end in the RV the four are sharing as they tour. The comic books fuel some insightful riffing from Oswalt about being religious and going to church as just a different version of comic books -- both being imaginary worlds that people let rule their lives.

Maria Bamford truly lives up to Oswalt’s description of her as like an alien who comes to earth to tell racist jokes about humans.

The four-episode run of this series, now halfway done, appears to be taken from a full-length “Comedians of Comedy” film that is playing in select major cities. 



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