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Demetri Martin Superstar

Mellow but intellectual comedian alters his persona in new Comedy Central special

Demetri Martin’s new Comedy Central special, “Demetri Martin. Person,” debuting at 10 p.m. Sunday, January 14, finds the comedian adding a bit of hostile edge to his genial and odd persona.

Although his signature bits, like series of funny drawings and observations he flips through on a big pad of paper on an easel, Martin has a more intense look in his eyes now. For example, talking of adding insult to injury when signing someone’s cast and they have no choice about what you might write, so you write things like “you’re a dick” and “you deserve this.”

It could be that Martin is about to turn in a new direction with his act. That would be no surprise after seeing this special. On top of his ability to turn an audience’s expectations on their heads with the spins in his jokes -- that don’t even operate like jokes per se, Martin has dropped some more of the cutesy bits in his act, such as songs like “Sames and Opposites” in favor of something different.

“Person,” as a result, is an interesting look at a highly intellectual comedian edging toward some sort of transition.




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