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Attack of the Holiday Extras


Comic crime novel author Tim Dorsey is back with a bonus story that's purely a character showcase


By Michael Shashoua / Jester editor-in-chief


Tim Dorsey, author of breezy but pulpy crime novels, all set in Florida and featuring his maniacal and state history-obsessed hero, Serge Storms, has returned with a Christmas present for his fans this year, “When Elves Attack.”


In time for the holiday season, the comedic novelist has published this shorter novel, which is more of a wandering story that revels in the peculiarities of its hero and some recurring characters from past Dorsey books. “When Elves Attack” is missing the propulsive plots and crime stories of most of the author’s work, and especially his last two Serge Storms novels, “Electric Barracuda” and “Gator A Go-Go.”


This latest book entertains by bringing back characters like City and Country, two hot girls who tangled with Serge in the past; Martha and Jim Davenport, a married couple – native Floridians, a bossy wife and beleaguered husband; as well as the “G-Unit,” a group of randy senior citizen ladies on the prowl. Dorsey puts all these characters into a cage of his own devising and lets the sparks fly, but again, without a specific crime story to hang the fireworks on.


“When Elves Attack” is, therefore, an amusing diversion for Dorsey’s fans, with a few new riffs from Serge, his sidekick Coleman, and others, and an extra bonus to tide readers over until Dorsey’s next regular annual novel, “Pineapple Grenade,” which is due out in late January.














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