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Crackerjack Caper

Florida author Tim Dorsey keeps long-running comedic crime series fresh and exciting


By Michael Shashoua / Jester editor-in-chief


Pineapple Grenade,” Tim Dorsey’s recently published 15th Serge Storms comic crime novel, finds the author as inventive as ever, heightening his wild cinematic storytelling in this installment. Dorsey takes a different turn with the plot in this book, putting Serge at the center of espionage intrigue taking place all in Miami this time around.


Previous Serge Storms stories careened all over Florida, but by staying in one locale, “Grenade” keeps its story more focused. The plot involves a small (fictional) Latin American nation’s president, in town for a summit of countries from the region, who is the target of an assassination plot. In true Dorsey style though, there are also rival CIA units trying to outdo each other that are thrown into the mix.


Now this may all sound like a typical Hollywood thriller plot, but there are plenty of the unique Dorsey touches, injected by the Serge character. For instance, he suddenly decides he can play spy also by marching right in to a consulate and offering his services, in a very amusing scene. There are also a few more of the elaborate and creative murders of enemies and those who annoy serge alike that make for very darkly comic scenes.


With “Pineapple Grenade,” Dorsey delivers again and keeps this now long-running series interesting and entertaining. As an author, Dorsey entertains very well, crafting a unique mix of lighthearted crime tales with dark and raunchy dialogue and sex and violence surprises. Even with the familiar characters of Serge and his sidekick Coleman, there’s enough new thought put into each book to please fans and newcomers alike.















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