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King Davidoff

Distinctly New York comedian covers a gamut of subjects from within a fool's persona.

Imagine an incredulous, non-plussed cross between Adam Sandler and Bobcat Goldthwait with a distinctly New York accent, and you will hear the voice of comedian Dov Davidoff, who captures a certain slice of growing up lower middle-class and trying to make his way in the city on his new CD, “The Point Is…” on Comedy Central Records, in stores April 22 (Click here to purchase).

A perfect example of Davidoff’s New York sturm und drang occurs right at the start of the album in a riff on Starbucks, that the grande size always used to be medium, so he refuses to use the word unless he’s “answering a Mexican pimp asking me what size [breasts] I like.”

Davidoff can’t understand girls who take pictures of every little visit to a neighborhood bar to document their lives online, the need for two-ply condoms, and the holier-than-thou attitude about Lindsay Lohan. “A 20-year-old girl who drinks, acts stupid and crashes her car? What’s the story? I want to know if there’s a girl who gets drunk, decides to go back to school and not get a lower back tattoo.”

Davidoff presents everything in one huge stream of consciousness with a lot of sustained, nervous kinetic energy with barely a pause to breathe. There’s no overriding theme, it’s simply whatever seems to come to his mind. Somehow it all works though, carried through by a confident personality, semi-slurring words, portraying a persona who doesn’t seem so confident to enhance his delivery.

Willing to play a unique sort of fool that hasn’t been seen before, Davidoff does pick out little observational bits of life for his rapid fire changes of subject. His persona does mask that he’s doing some smart writing of his material underneath that personality.





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