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Dysfunction Junction

Eddie Griffin pulls comedy fodder from all corners in masterful new special

By Michael Shashoua / Editor-in-chief

In his new special “You Can Tell 'Em I Said It,” out on DVD Feb. 22, Eddie Griffin is truly inspired and on fire right off the bat. Griffin veers all over the map from celebrity pop culture to more profound topics but you don’t mind because he keeps the energy up and the humor razor sharp.

Griffin opens the 80-minute performance with a perceptive and raunchy take on presidential politics and the first ladies. Obama’s got pimp moves in him, Griffin theorizes. He made Hillary, his rival, secretary of state – banished her from the entire country, Griffin exclaims.

He also tackles society themes with his own take on churches and religion – white preachers try to have sex with your kids and black preachers try to have sex with your wife, he says in cruder terms. And Griffin doesn’t spare himself, talking about his own troubles with the law for DUI. He can throw in surreal tangents as well, like vampires being drawn to menstrual blood.

Griffin gets right on target making fun of old men using Viagra, the immigration debate, and the Tea Party. Tiger Woods, Michael Vick and LeBron James also find their way into Griffin’s sights – as he chastises Cleveland fans for crying about James’ departure, saying “that’s why it’s called free agency – that nigga’s free!”

As you can see, Griffin doesn’t explore any theme or topic for very long or even put like topics close together – related items, like each of the different scandal-plagued athletes, come up at different points throughout. But none of it matters. Griffin carries it all along, having transfixed the audience right from the audience.




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