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Kinda Blue

Young talent debuts at People's Improv Theater.

By Cristina Merrill / Jester Correspondent

“Am I Blue,” a solo showcase for Elizabeth Blue, seen April 29 at the People’s Improv Theater, featured the performer playing a series of ditzy characters, who nonetheless take themselves very seriously.

In one sketch, trying to impress a guy in a travel writing class, Blue says that she wants to go to England and trace the footsteps of her ancestor, Sir Francis Drake. Making way too much of this thin connection, she says, “He was a pirate. It helps me to understand my own rebellious nature.”

Blue, 27, appeared on stage in simple attire: a white shirt, black shiny leggings, a green jumper and brown Chuck Taylor sneakers. She continued to keep the characters simple as well in another sketch, where, seeing a sex therapist, she tries to learn how to have an “orgism,” mispronouncing it. Desperate to reach that point, she asks if there are any exercises she can do.  She is prompted to close her eyes and imagine herself in a comfortable place. She manages to do this for a bit, but soon opens her eyes, looking confused. “Should I start masturbating?” she asks, only to be told that she is out of time.

A longer sketch in the latter part of “Am I Blue” finds the performer going more for shock and surprise than characterizations, however simple. She plays the proprietor of “People Cakes,” where customers get to decorate cupcakes to express themselves. Accidentally staining her shirt with chocolate frosting, she throws that off, dancing with pasties like a retro-burlesque performer. It’s certainly fearless and risky, however.

As a developing talent, Blue is also unafraid to test audiences with a sketch like this. Not all of her risk-taking hits, but she has a lot to offer.

Elizabeth Blue returns with “Am I Blue” at the PIT at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 13.




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