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Foxy Spectacle

Actor-comedian's Laffapalooza highlights performers with big personalities who play their audiences well.

In the first part of Jamie Foxx’s two-night Laffapalooza show issued for review (airing February 25 and 26 on Comedy Central), comedians who rarely get network attention are showcased, displaying their ability to play sharp, smart material and please their crowds at the same time.

Roz G, defiantly blue and totally sexually confident with her weight, has the audience eating out of her hand, inspired by classic ribald “party comics” like Redd Foxx. Damon Williams walks the line between smart material and simple crowd-pleasers with his take on the high price of gas.

Bill Burr, who works on the most complex level of all the performers, scores again with a few of his new pieces (previously reviewed in Jester’s Blog) such as his commentaries on football player Terrell Owens leaving the Eagles mid-season over a contract dispute, and the infamous basketball brawl involving the Indiana Pacers and fans in the stands.

The hosts, Foxx and Cedric The Entertainer, are a bit tacked on to the bill, with Foxx mining his Ray Charles impression for what may be exactly one time too many at this point. The special as a whole, however, is a good exposure to a range of distinctive comedians who command their stage and their audience.




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