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Rite of Passage

In 'Storked,' George Clark turns common life experience into congenial amusement.

George Clark has a warm presence on stage in his solo show giving a new father’s point of view about pregnancy, seen at the People’s Improv Theater on April 14.

Clark may be relating a universal experience, nothing so exceptional that many people know or go through, but his easy demeanor and flashes of personality in his storytelling prove lightly amusing.

The best moments in Clark’s show trade on his own personality as an everyman or typical guy going through the experience, as when he protectively questions the obstetrician and is told by both the doctor and his own wife, “We’ll tell you what you need to know.” … Even better, Clark recalls the cold reception he got for cracking wise after accidentally knocking over some medical supplies, saying, “Cleanup in aisle 6!”

With moments describing further thoughtfulness gone awry, Clark takes his genial self-mockery even further, recalling how he failed miserably at being sensitive by buying his pregnant wife the most roomy business suit possible, setting her to crying when he comes home with an XXL size.

The latter part of Clark’s show, which runs about 40 minutes, aims for profundity and relating lessons learned to the audience, while keeping the congeniality, and in the same mellow style as most of the piece, accomplishes that.

Clark performs “Storked” again at The PIT 8 p.m. April 21.




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