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The prodigal nerd and "PC" portrayer returns with another compendium of droll fake facts.

If ever there was a book that might be review-proof, it’s John Hodgman’s “More Information Than You Require.” There’s nothing to quibble about -- everything in this is intricately imaginative and well-executed. Really, as Hodgman often alludes to in this and his previous book (see 9/13/06 review), when you crack the cover of his work, it’s like joining an exclusive club, just as Hodgman drolly considers himself a lofty member of the club of celebrities.

So if you’re up for it, “More Information,” in my best estimate, offers 3.2 cackles per page -- all from very literate humor that depends on the reader’s knowledge of real facts and history as a basis for the outlandishness of what Hodgman presents as facts.

It’s also the perfect book for those with ADD -- who knows if that was Hodgman’s intent -- but the design placing smaller “page-a-day” style factoids in the corner of each page, along with mostly short chapters and sub-chapters, liberally interrupted with sidebar boxes, gives the restless eye plenty to take in.

There’s even a sequel within this sequel. Where Hodgman’s last book featured “700 Hobo Names,” here he regales us with “700 Mole-Men Names” and a dissertation on mole-men culture -- exploring whether mole-men are indeed the “new” hoboes.

All this and a even a little peek into Hodgman’s ponytailed past as a youth. But you’ll have to find that one for yourself.

John Hodgman will bring “Hodgmania” to New York on Tuesday, October 21 at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square, and on November 21 to the Apple Store in Soho; with several book tour stops in various cities in between those dates, including Boston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago and the West Coast.




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