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The Jester Interview: The Apple Sisters

Pictured: Seedy, Candy and Cora Apple.

For the holiday season, Jester had the privilege of getting to take a trip back in time, to the 1940s, and while there, met and interviewed the Apple Sisters, who just performed their Thanksgiving themed variety show at the People’s Improv Theater and whose Christmas show will run there at 7 p.m. Fridays, November 30 and December 7, 14 and 21.

Jester: Hello, Apple Sisters!
Seedy: Thank you so much for joining us here at our WXYZ studio.
J: Thanks for inviting me.
Candy: We got your telegram and we’re thrilled that you are here.  Have a seat…
Cora: Right here next to me. Would you like a highball?
J: Say girls, let’s get to the questioning! What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Seedy: Oh that’s easy ... I am thankful for my sisters of course -- but especially the lord. God is my boyfriend.
Candy: I am thankful for my husband Cheryl, who is a man, and is fighting in the war overseas.
Cora: I'm thankful for all the sailors... I just love seamen.

J: How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
Seedy: We love to have a big feast and most importantly saying grace!
Candy: But this year is especially special because the president FDR is joining us and pardoning Gobbly the Turkey.
Cora: Why does the turkey need pardoning? (whispers) Does the turkey have gas?
Candy: Oh Cora.
J: Who’s in charge of cooking the turkey?
Cora: Oh that would be me...
Candy: Yes and I am in charge of the mashed potatoes
Seedy: And I am in charge of baking the pies!
Candy: I just love sticking my finger in pies.

J: What’s your favorite holiday?
Seedy: Well I want to say Christmas since its when my boyfriend was born,
Candy and Cora: buzz buzz buzz BORING....
Seedy: Girls!! But to be truthful my favorite holiday is Valentines day...
Candy: Me too!
Cora: That’s the anniversary of our very first show!!
J: What’s different about performing holiday themed shows? How are they different from other shows you do?
Candy: Every show involves some sort of holiday.
Cora: Yeah pal, Arbor Day is our biggest show ever.
Candy: Cora, you ninny knacker, that’s not true.
Seedy: I do feel closer to the Lord around Christmas and Easter.
Cora:  And I can wear bushes on Arbor Day.

J: What are your plans as a group after the Thanksgiving and Christmas shows?
Cora: Well, we'll be hopping on the Apple Bus to go to Charleston to do the Charleston with Charlestonians.
Candy: Yes, we're going to the Charleston Comedy Festival to perform with some of our Charleston Chews Charleston.
Seedy: We’re also going to be recording a record. 
Girls: Buzz Buzz Buzz excitement, aniticipation!
Cora: We’re also going to blow around in Chicago – it’s the Windy City
Candy:  Write us an electronic telegram and we’ll tell you all about it. 

J: When did you begin performing? How long have you begin performing? How did your act and shows come together?
Seedy: We started performing when we were kids.
Candy: We performed in billiard halls for nickels.
Cora:  Then someone from WXYZ and Mountabrother Studios saw us and gave us a radio show!
Candy: We've had a wildly successful movie career in addition to our radio show.
Cora: "Oh Applesauce" was our first movie. We were kids who took over an apple farm.
Seedy: "Newton's Apples" -- it's about 3 sisters who solve crimes.
Candy: "Crab Apples" -- we don't talk about that one...

J: Do you have arguments about what you’re going to do in your shows?
Seedy:  No!
Candy:  Yes!
Cora:  No!
Seedy:  Yes!
Candy:  No!
(pie fight ensues)




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