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Click here for a look at the Apple Sisters' endorsement of a favorite treat.

J (wiping off errant pie): Who’s the smartest sister?
Candy: I am.
Seedy: The Lord knows.
Cora: What?

J: How did you get involved in the war bonds campaign?
Candy: I wanted to give a little something back...
Cora: I gave a little something back last night.
Seedy: Oh Brother!

J: President Franklin Roosevelt recently appeared on your show. Have you performed for or with other dignitaries?
Seedy: Yes, my boyfriend God is always with us at every show.
Candy: Oh brother, as we mentioned, Gobbly the Turkey, the famous Jack-o-Latern murderer, and a Hollywood producer, Mr. Mountabrother.
Cora:  Joan Crawford may stop by our show next month!
Candy: I feel so gay when dames drop by.
Seedy: Yes, It makes us all happy.

J: What have been your best and worst performing experiences?
Candy: Oh boy, when we were in St. Louis, the audience wasn't on our side. They started booing us during Spring into Spring and hurling rotten tomatoes onto the stage. That was one of the best days of my life!
Cora: Most of my best times are in the dressing room with my fans after the show.
Seedy: The lord is always with you.
Candy: Then he should join in the fun.
Seedy: Watch it Buddy, he's my man!

J: Who are your favorite performers?
Seedy: Cora.
Cora: Seedy.
Candy: Candy.

J: Thanks a lot girls, you’re a real bunch of Apples.
Cora: And you’re a peach, toots.
Candy: Cora, stop flirting with the reporter.  You can donate $5 at our shows at get a magnet or buy a t-shirt at our P.O. Box.
Seedy: Please visit our P.O. Box ( We’re going on the road and we need your help!
Candy: Until next time…
Apple Sisters: (singing) We’re the Apple Sisters, To all you misters, Ouch I got a blister, Panties in a twister, Thank ya Mr. Jester (Journal!) The Apple Sisters Variety ShooOOOooow!

In the present day, the Apple Sisters are Sarah Lowe (Seedy), Rebekka Johnson (Candy) and Kimmy Gatewood (Cora).




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