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J: Jumping around a bit, do you ever get hecklers at your level?

Arnold: A little bit, but not too bad. A lot of people are protective of me on the road. Ö So if someone started heckling Ö I actually donít mind the heckling, I kind of like it, if I can hear them. But people are pretty protective. I think that what happens when youíre someone like me that people know or know something about, you get five minutes of grace Ė you do anything and theyíre going to laugh. But then they expect a certain something, something funny. They paid to get in.

With me, with the five minutes of grace, they want to see if Iím a jerk. When they find out Iím not, I can feel them breathe that sigh of relief. Then we get into it. Ö After the show, they get to take pictures with me, and we talk. Thatís the best part of the whole thing, getting to spend time with people. Theyíre so glad Iím not a prick. Or at least Iím hiding it well. I have my moments, believe me.

People are very smart. They remember a lot of things and are also grateful that I donít criticize my ex-wives. Iím not critical of people, because I think they have the same feeling that I have, which is if youíre in love with somebody, you donít just start hating them. You fall in love with somebody, you marry them, and youíre spending your lives together. How do you go suddenly to you hate them, theyíre a terrible person? That doesnít add up. Somethingís not right with that picture. Things happen but you donít just go Ö It would be weird.

There are some good moments in our relationships and thereís some funny stuff that I have to admit, and that Iím grateful for, from everything. Iím grateful that Iím married to Ashley, my wife now. It took me awhile to find the right person. Some people are lucky, they meet and marry their high school sweetheart or whatever. I never saw a real marriage working, because I grew up with just my dad. It took me awhile to figure out whatís needed in a happy marriage. You need to be all-in. You need to put all your chips on the table. You canít save some for yourself or whatever. 

And you have to like each other. Itís just all these things, it took me awhile to figure them out and Ė nothing against the women that I did marry, theyíre wonderful, delightful people, and by the way theyíre very happy now without me, which is great. I am super grateful that Ashley came into my life.

J: Do you get that serious about things in the show?

Arnold: I do, but then youíve got to go to the funny stuff. Itís ridiculous. Otherwise it would be horribly boring and Ö thereís moments where I digress but Ö Iíve had a lot of funny things happen to me. Iíve been stabbed by my wife. Iíve intentionally done stupid things like putting giant tattoos on me and Ö Iíve done a lot of dumb things, and I talk about that. I can see younger people in the audience taking it in, thinking, ĎI donít think Iím going to do that. He seems like he took one for us there.í

J: Would a tabloid reader or E! watcher be very well satisfied with this show, then?

Arnold: Thereís a few extra things that havenít been there, that havenít been in the tabloids. But theyíll be satisfied, yeah.

J: Whatís ahead for you?

Arnold: Iím going to a tour a little bit more because of this special. Iím going to do some more shows. Then Iím going to do another television show that Iím writing now. Arnold Schwarzenegger and I are going to do another movie together. I canít wait to do that. He has so many things heís going to do now that heís done in office. He wants to write, he still wants to do a lot of public service, but he will sneak in a movie or two. Just more of that. I have three or four movies that havenít come out yet.

In my career, I go where it takes me. I donít plan things because when I plan, it may turn out horrible. So Iíve been very lucky, and Iíll just go wherever life takes me, and be grateful for it. In a perfect world, Iíd have one job that I went to, and I could come home and have dinner with my family, and everything would be wonderful, but it hasnít worked out like that. Iíve had to travel and do this and that. Iím grateful for it all, but maybe this year I can figure out something with less travel that could keep me home more often with my wife and maybe we could start that family weíve been talking about.




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