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Koy's Pond

"Chelsea Lately" regular gets a showcase of his own in Comedy Central special


By Michael Shashoua / Jester editor-in-chief


“Chelsea Lately” panel regular and stand-up comic Jo Koy’s Comedy Central special “Lights Out,” out on DVD and download on April 3, will introduce Koy’s material and performing style to those who only know him from those appearances.


Most of Koy’s material centers around family – namely his mom and his son -- both of whom he impersonates to great effect. Koy conveys both the wonder of being a new father and the difficulties he had getting his stern mother’s approval, but does so with no shortage of F-bombs. It’s a bit jarring, considering that he’s mining material usually told in Cosby-clean fashion, but makes it more relatable to a young audience and that’s how Koy puts it across.


The DVD version has some fun extras as well – namely a visit with Koy’s mom as she does her local AM radio show in Las Vegas, allowing us to see the origins of Koy’s impression.

Koy’s performance is not all family and culture topics, however. He does a funny piece about sleep apnea and breathing masks, and also some material about dating and singles bars. “Not that I advocate this,” Koy says, “but in the movies, this it what it sounds like when a girl is slipped a roofie,” then slows his voice and facial expressions down for effect – a bit he calls back also later in the special.


“Lights Out” presents Koy as an appealing performer, perhaps not quite as kinetic as JB Smoove, whose special is being aired and released by Comedy Central in the same week, but one with a foundation to build on, and certainly a lot of popularity with a live audience.














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