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Street Fightin' Man

Tough guy comic Joe Rogan is back with new material in stand-up special


Joe Rogan, a stand-up comic who may be better known now as a host and commentator on mixed martial arts broadcasts and “Fear Factor,” has not been as prolific a comic because of these endeavors.


He has returned, however, with a new special, “Live From The Tabernacle,” filmed at the Atlanta venue and debuting on Comedy Central on February 28. It’s his first since 2010.


Rogan’s material shines at times but it does seem more scattershot than what he delivered on two prior albums, “Talking Monkeys in Space” and “Shiny Happy Jihad.” Rogan’s style is focused on leading up to that kicker line – as he does with material about Sarah Palin, telling doubters that she is indeed hot – for last call at an airport hotel bar.


When Rogan spends more time on a topic as he does with a bit comparing a sensitive R&B singer’s likely idea of a good time with that of the rapper Ludacris, he does go on a little too long with repeatedly singing the refrain “Delilah” from the crooner’s song. But the contrast makes the Ludacris moments pay off.


Throughout “Live at the Tabernacle,” Rogan does slip in comments that he is not necessarily the tough guy or goon that some might think he is from his over 10 years of association with UFC broadcasts. The special has another extended bit about what a typical UFC fighter could do to him, in graphic detail. Somehow, Rogan does make that funny, which is a tall order.


Nonetheless, Joe Rogan continues to show a charismatic stage presence and ability to grab an audience with his material. While Rogan’s material is not as precise and well-crafted this time, the fervor of his delivery does sell it well.














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