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Let’s Have Another Ball

UCB's second all-star squad is looking for its footing

Pictured: Anthony King and Becky Drysdale.

Now in a regular 7:30 p.m. Saturday spot at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, another “all-star” style improv show, “Let’s Have A Ball,” (previously reviewed March 3) seemed a bit hit and miss in its last performance May 18, but when its cast hit on good ideas, they raised them to the highest possible heights.

Becky Drysdale (see Jester interview) proved to be the focal point for some of the best improvisations in the show, namely a scene where she played a loan applicant with Anthony King as the bank loan officer, and they intentionally laughed and flirted in overly phony fashion with each other. Similarly, Kay Cannon and Peter Gwinn shone in a frat party scene with Gwinn as an obnoxious frat boy trying to take advantage of Cannon’s drunk sorority girl character.

The only quibble with this particular “Let’s Have A Ball” set was that the players seemed to run out of ideas or connections before their time ran out, but when they started off on the aforementioned improvisations with a full head of steam, the performances really resonated.

On a regular basis, “Let’s Have A Ball” features about five of a rotating cast of about eight or nine members. Christina Gausas added to the mix May 18 with a couple brief stories suggested by audience answers to a few questions. Also in the company, but not present for the May 18 show are: Scott Adsit, Tami Sagher, Laura Krafft and Dan Goor.




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