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Lucky Louie is No Slouch

HBO’s new sitcom stands tall alongside established properties.

At first, seeing the new show “Lucky Louie,” billed as HBO’s first sitcom filmed with a studio audience, debuting as the follow-up to “Entourage” on Sunday nights, Jester was skeptical that it was being sandwiched in before Dane Cook’s new series as a ploy to get viewers for a sub-standard show.

Watching the first episode turned this opinion around. “Lucky Louie,” starring stand-up Louis C.K. is nothing less than a breakthrough that takes on the formulaic and safe sitcoms still left on broadcast network scheduled. Yes, its adult language is unrestrained, but not gratuitous, consistent with the way people really talk.

The premise of its first episode revolves around Louie’s wife trying to seduce him into getting her pregnant again when he doesn’t think they can afford a second child. The family dynamic, and good supporting turns from Jerry Minor as the neighbor and Jim Norton and Second City vet Mike Hagerty as Louie’s buddies, play out as a downtrodden version of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but perhaps more similar in spirit to “All In The Family.”

The characterizations of Louie and the supporting characters he spars with are unapologetically jaundiced and downbeat, and unafraid to mine unflattering traits for humor. The writing is sharp and creative. At first, seeing all of this play in the laughter-backed sitcom format can seem off-kilter, but in all, “Lucky Louie” stands on its own.

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