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That Asshole’s Back

Rick Murphy returns with a revised version of his self-deprecating sketch comedy show

As part of the Manhattan Comedy Collective;’s Big Bang show (now 10 p.m. Saturdays at the Sage Theater), Rick Murphy has returned with a revamped version of his solo show, “Rick Murphy Is An Asshole” that is much more his own original creation than it was a year ago.

While funny then, at that time Murphy wore his influences more on his sleeve than he does now (see previous review from April 2006). He indulges a Magnum P.I. fetish in an amusing way with a video of himself trying to solve his girlfriend’s murder (he’s clueless that she’s really only taken a nap) as “Murphy P.I.”

A newscast sketch where Murphy changes costumes on stage to play different members of the news team gets a bit labored without a clear payoff. But there is a highlight or two to this new edition of Murphy’s show.

With castmates Rob Bates and Lindsay Joy, a game show sketch (“Mindbenders”) finds Murphy mercilessly taunting Bates while he feeds Joy easy questions. Also, Murphy mixes video and live performance well in a closing sketch involving his “video will.”

While you have to hand it to Murphy because he isn’t afraid to be the butt of the jokes or to play the fool, there’s still more room to sharpen the show further.




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