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No Reason to Complain ... About This DVD

Patton Oswalt delivers the comedic goods on video

“Alternative” stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt, one of the foursome on last year’s “Comedians of Comedy” tour, gets a much-deserved showcase with his own DVD, “No Reason to Complain.”

Like an aside Oswalt said in the miniseries generated by that tour -- that the Internet allows your mind to ping pong from one topic to another -- so does Oswalt’s stand-up. But Oswalt works on the top-tier of observational humor comedians.

In the main program on the DVD, Oswalt skillfully jumps from great bits that are more stories than jokes, like his tale of an open mike night where a wacko non-professional sleeps through a portion of his own act. Oswalt’s material truly is unlike anything anyone else is doing.

The DVD is also truly loaded more extras than one has a right to expect, including a series of short vignettes with Oswalt as a clerk in a surreal grocery store. Oswalt’s skill is also evident because the DVD includes another complete, but shorter, special that contains a totally different set material, including what ought to be remembered as a classic bit about hiding from the admission ticket taker for … the Anne Frank house.

You basically cannot go wrong with this DVD, with its wealth of good material by a talented and clever comedian who should eventually reach higher rungs on the comedy ladder.




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