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Riggle's World

Daily Show and UCB alumnus has crafted a solid stand-up comedy act.

Since first hitting the scene as a stand-up in 2007 (see review, 7/26/07) after already getting plenty of attention first in improv at the UCB Theatre, then a brief run on SNL, followed by a memorable run as a Daily Show correspondent, Rob Riggle has fine-tuned that stand-up act so he’s totally in command.

Seen at Comix on April 3, Riggle’s now got several clearly set bits, mostly personal observations and experiences, or opinions, all very animated with expressions and energetic pacing back and forth on stage. A few of the pieces, heard before, such as a bad encounter with Long Islanders on a flight to Vegas, another about slipping in the shower and another about bathrooms at stadiums, have been sharpened over time.

Riggle threw some more pieces into the mix, equally well illustrated and energized, such as witnessing a Patriots fan breeding hate for New York in his son after they lost the Super Bowl, and becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes at a Japanese restaurant where the chef flips shrimp to diners to catch in their mouth for show.

If the inception of his stand-up act was geared toward making something that could be recorded for posterity and maybe be just as funny with repeat listens, it could be said that now Riggle is truly almost there -- these pieces should get a broader airing soon, hopefully with a TV special or CD.

Also, one of the opening comedians for Riggle’s show, Joe DeRosa, noted previously on this site [see review, 1/20/09], always seems to have completely new and inventive material every time, and distinguishes himself again as worth going out of your way to see.




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