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Just A Tip

Guys, don’t play Robert Kelly’s new disc around your girlfriend; you may enjoy it a little too much

Dane Cook’s “Tourgasm” co-star, Robert Kelly, steps out on his own with a CD/DVD set “Just The Tip,” being released April 8 on Comedy Central Records (or click here to purchase), that is completely a man’s comedy album, for men, in every way.

Or at least for “dudes,” as Kelly laments in one of the better bits on the album, “Dude With A Sword,” that there really are no men anymore, just dudes. The difference being that his father’s and grandfather’s generations would have tools and know how to fix things with them, while anything he himself can’t fix with tape requires him to call “a real man” to fix.

A large amount of Kelly’s album is observational humor about sex -- not jokes per se, but all coming from the perspective of a guy’s guy if not a man’s man. Of course there’s the obvious, as in one piece titled “She Knows Nothing About My Penis,” that grows out of his girlfriend’s complaints about piss on the toilet seat. Other parts of the album like “Nickelodeon Award” or “No Romance” get even more explicit, but somehow stay original.

These bits are interspersed with guy-centric takes on the relationship part of the equation, including living together -- as in “Punching Butter,” which mines a bit of an old observation about New York studio apartments being unsuited for couples, and “Naked Just Sox,” about Kelly’s own girlfriend’s disapproval of his sleeping habits. This actually contains another highlight of the album -- that for guys, there’s no such thing as time for bed. We fall asleep on the couch like heroin addicts but with a remote in hand, to paraphrase Kelly.

“Just The Tip” is definitely engaging and entertaining, although men will probably enjoy the album way more than women. It doesn’t seem too unreasonable to guess that many women would be offended or just not like Kelly’s material to the point they would shut it off -- if some poor married or engaged guy tried to play it around the house… 


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