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Thune and Leggero bring well-developed unique onstage characters to Comix shows.

Last weekend’s headliners at Comix, Nick Thune and Natasha Leggero, each bring something unique to the stand-up stage.

Leggero takes on a warped Holly Golightly persona, wearing long white gloves and a cocktail dress, but enthusiastically illustrating her material, such as the stupidity of women appearing on the Learning Channel show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” rearing back and making a slack-jawed gesture.

She definitely loves to go for subject matter in stark contrast with that appearance, as well. Her half-hour performance included a stretch about an obnoxious radio DJ from her hometown and his theories on dating, all around getting women drunk and spending as little as possible on dinner. She impersonated the DJ in what sounded like a Long Island accent, again with broad physical gestures.

Along with numerous guest appearances on cable and network sitcoms, Leggero is a regular panelist on Chelsea Handler’s show, and her style definitely fits in there. What she presents is a unique tabloid magazine or celebrity culture inspired performing style that stands out.

Nick Thune proves to be a much different kind of performer than one would expect from his publicity photo, an open-mouthed scream with unkempt hair flying everywhere. Onstage, he’s low key, accompanying himself with an acoustic guitar and evidently heavily inspired by Zach Galifianakis and Demetri Martin in the tone and style of his jokes.

Thune does put just enough of his own spin on his material to have a distinctive persona though. His surrealism does not go as far as Galifianakis does, though. His best bit did require a little more thought, however, with a long set up of musing about how tough it is to do a backflip, leading to a story about getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a hero if he could do one.

Together, Thune and Leggero were a contrasting pairing that you wouldn’t think would have a lot in common, but their styles and tone complemented each other’s in succession.




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