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Adult Education

Bob Wiltfong and Matt Oberg present smart but light material in PIT show

In “Adult Contemporary,” their show at People’s Improv Theater, Bob Wiltfong and Matt Oberg present a breezy and smart but slight collection of minimalist skits without a lot of set dressing or costume.

The duo take unexpected turns, jumping quickly from straight-on send-ups of Pat O’Brien, Al Pacino, Christopher Lloyd and movie preview voice-over artists to pieces mining their personalities, like impressions of each other’s fathers. They layer on information with each line much in the way a good improv group does in scenes.

The sketches in the show seem very geared to SNL-type premises, but with a bluer edge, as in an intervention sketch that begins with a little audience interaction.

In a brief 40 to 45 minues, Wilftong and Oberg also pack in a few video or photo bits, like a take on the Oscar show recently deceased tribute film that appears every year, as well as the preview voice-over guy sketch.

Wiltfong and Oberg save the best sketch in their repetoire for last … a duo of Christian improvisers (and former Christian boy band members) obsessed with chastity … sort of.

The running trait of all the duo’s material is a studied intelligence made to look effortless and light. Wiltfong and Oberg aren’t aiming to have you rolling in the aisles, but they get you with their absurdities.

“Bob & Matt: Adult Contemporary” ran at People’s Improv Theater on Saturday nights in May.




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