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They Can't Get No...

Los Angeles-based UCB performers bring tales of bad sex to New York.

Pictured: Matt McConkey and Casey Wilson.

“Worst Laid Plans,” seen at the UCB Theatre Dec. 4, featured six funny ladies and one gay man sharing stories, in fearless and artful ways, of sex gone wrong.

The most well known of the cast, former Saturday Night Live cast member Casey Wilson, with some putdowns of an ex’s size, may not have even had the best tale of the night.

That honor could go to Alexandra Lydon who pursued a dream of hooking up with a Daniel Day-Lewis lookalike to such lengths as to go for someone who popped up during a trip to Ireland, only to end up disappointed with a “farting failed rapist.”

Or it could have gone to June Diane Raphael, with her tale of a drug-fueled threesome with a girl she and the guy didn’t even like all that much, and used to make fun of. “And then I realized I was calling her [uncomplimentary nickname] to her face…” says Raphael.

It’s more the asides than the circumstances that really strike you in this show, like the quote just mentioned, or Laura Kindred’s reference to an ex who called anal sex “going to Tiny Town.”

Matt McConkey closed the show with musical accompaniment, delivering a hybrid spoken word song with rhyming bits about a succession of different partners, all inconsiderate in their own ways.

Kindred and Lydon co-created this show a few years ago, and have performed it regularly in Los Angeles, so its appearance here in New York is something of a rarity. At times in L.A. they are joined by celebrity guests. In this case, that would be Wilson, who since SNL is now based there.

“Worst Laid Plans” returns to the UCB Theatre in New York, with the same cast, joined by Tymberlee Chanel, at 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5. There is also a book version of the show available:



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